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This is a site which aims to get ELT workers talking to each other. Wherever you live in the world and whatever your first language is, if your work is connected directly or indirectly with teaching English then you are eligible to join this site.

If you register, we will publish your details and email address on a web-page dedicated to you. If you want to send in an article and/or a photograph, please do this by email. We will correct your English in anything you write if you ask us to.

Felicity O'Dell, Tim Jones and Rosalie Kerr

Felicity O'Dell, Rosalie Kerr and Tim Jones started this site in 2006. This is a free website; we are not going to sell your details to a third party and we aren't going to charge you any money. We haven't ruled out having advertising on the site but that is something for the future.

This is the second version of the site. The first version was quite successful with people in India contacting people in Armenia and articles written by Serbians and Americans being read by teachers in Brazil. We hope this version will be even more successful.
Tim Jones-webmaster