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Tim Jones



If you Google "Tim Jones" you get 341,000 results and none of them is me. At least I've never found myself that way. I'm the Tim Jones who was in Sudan, Oman, Saudi-Arabia, Berlin, Paris, Brighton and Cyprus. Like most EFL teachers I am to money whatever the opposite of a magnet is and due to bad financial planning I currently divide my time between teaching German and French in a comprehensive school in Devon and spending weekends with my family in Brighton.

I am the webmaster of this site, which I set up with Felicity O'Dell and Rosalie Kerr in 2006 and which is now in the process of being completely rebuilt. The idea here is that the estimated 6,000,000 (yes six million) English teachers world-wide should have more contact with each other. For every delegate at an international conference there are thousands who never leave their work places but who can contact each other via sites like this. So far we've signed up rather fewer than six million members but we have managed to attract people from 89 different countries so we live in hope.