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John Potts


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Profile: I have worked as a teacher and/or teacher trainer since 1979, have been a CELTA course director/tutor since 1983, and a CELTA assessor since 1988. From 1995 until 2006 I was a CELTA JCA. I have also been a COTE, DOTE and DELTA course tutor, and am currently course director/tutor for Delta Module 1.

I have been an authorised presenter for Cambridge ESOL since 1990, and have given many workshops, seminars and courses for language teachers - mainly in Switzerland, but also in Germany, India and Croatia.

My current areas of interest include using the internet and technology in language teaching, teaching with low resources, and teaching grammar and vocabulary.
My regular ETP column on language analysis for the classroom has appeared in every issue since #13 in October 1999, and my most recent book, Switch!, was published in Switzerland in 2008.

In India, in addition to teacher training, I work with NGOs and NPOs by helping them to improve their presentation skills. I also work with an education project for slum children in Madurai, South India, called Madurai Seed.

Please contact me if you are interested in supporting the Madurai Seed project, either by making a donation or by becoming a member of Friends of Madurai Seed, which is a registered Swiss-based support organisation.