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Hania Krystyna Bociek


Profile: I worked in France for 1 year then came to Switzerland where I have been working at secondary school level for over 20 years. I also taught at the Interpreters' School for 5 years. I have been working at Zürich University (IGB) since 1998, teacher training future grammar school teachers of English upon completion of their lic.phil/BA/MA studies. I have taught ESOL exam-oriented classes since 1982, and am currently teaching a Post-Proficiency adult class (Volkshochschule Zürich), as well as teaching CAE classes at secondary school. I am a member of ETAS (English Teachers Association of Switzerland), of IATEFL, of a national group of teacher trainers of English (WBZ FD) and am involved in the Zürich cantonal project for the introduction and establishment of Immersion Teaching at secondary level.