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Dr. Partha Sarathi Misra


Profile: Dr. Partha Sarathi Misra is the Director of the English language Teaching Institute, Assam, an autonomous organization set up by the Government of Assam and sponsored by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India.

An experienced teacher of English and an ELT specialist, Dr. Misra has been educated at the University of Gauhati, the University of Nottingham, UK, the Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages, ( presently, English & Foreign Languages University), Hyderabad and the University of Calcutta. He has specialized in stylistics, linguistics and ELT. His primary interest lies in the use of language in diverse literary and social contexts.

Besides participating in numerous national and international seminars and conferences in India, Dr. Misra attended a British Council Seminar on Globalisation, Citizenship and Language Education in a Multilingual World held at York, UK from 20-25 November 2005. He also attended an international conference on Issues and Challenges in ELT for the Asian Region held at Jakarta, Indonesia from 22-24 March 2005 and presented two research papers entitled Deculturizing English in the Classroom and English at the Primary Level in India: Correlation between Theory and Practice.

Dr. Misra’s book An Introduction to Stylistics: Theory and Practice was published by Orient BlackSwan in 2009