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Mary Jo Scardullo


Profile: I live in Italy,in Sicily and I work as an English teacher. I've worked both in middle and high schools but currently I am not working in a school as Italian schools are going through hard times. Thousands of teachers have been cut off from school teaching jobs due to economic reasons-believe me it's a disaster. Apart from this in Italy there is no meritocracy especially in teaching.

Since last year I've been preparing students for Cambridge examinations privately at my own home. My objective is that of opening up a private school for all those who need to learn English. I know it's not easy but step by step I really hope I will.

I've studied foreign languages and modern literatures at the University of Catania in Sicily. I've been abroad during my studying including to England and the USA for academic purposes. After graduating I went to England to do a teacher training course at an EFL school. I've been to Chicago so many times as I grew up there until the age of 10 and then with my family moved back to Sicily.

Teaching English either to kids or adults is a passion for me as I love this language - in fact I'm always eager to learn and improve it. During the Summer holidays I also accompany students to Great Britain. They visit the country and study there to improve their English. I have worked in this field with the MLA the Golden Globe company.