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Katya Shenberg


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Profile: A student at a linguistic faculty at a classical university, Ivanovo, Russia. Graduating this year and planning to go into postgraduate studies in speech linguistics. Focusing on the intonation of native English speech. Had teaching practice at school and realised something has to be done about rearranging the process of teaching English in regular Russian schools. I did some projects teaching the London topic to 5-grade pupils and they did enjoy our classes. I must say I am no good teacher but I find myself helpful in preparing the ideas and material for teaching. At the moment I'm finishing a research paper of my own and I need some American English native speakers help me in the research. I must hand in the paper very soon and that's why I need someone to answer a questionnaire of mine before the deadline. I like this site and from now on I'm going to stay here, so you can contact me any time.