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Jyothi Rebecca Thomas


Profile: have a varied work experience ...self employed and teaching etc etc. However teaching / learning and training / experiencial is my passion and makes me the happiest. I have worked in Canada and now I am in India thought I do keep moving back and forth . Currently I am a Freelance Corporate Facilitator ( my terminology ) vs Trainer for Softskills and Communication and pretty much many other evovled modules . I hold a "Cambridge International Diploma for Teacher Trainers" and desire to constantly learn and improve from every situation during our learning session . I just believe I can !! turn around the most difficult situation and learner as " BEEN THERE DONE THAT / GONE THROUGH THAT ". I believe in training that is highly job specific and experiencial ...more later Good luck we need sites like this as It is a great value add to my successful session ! TEAM work !