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Janet Enever


Profile: Profile: I have recently been appointed as the first professor of language teaching and learning in the Department of Language Studies at Umeň University, Sweden.

My work is based in the broad field of applied linguistics, specialising in the area of young language learners. I am particularly interested in the impact of global forces on young learner language policies in education and have recently led a four year study of YL early start programmes, working with partners across seven European countries (ELLiE 2006-10). The research findings for the ELLiE study will be published in book and downloadable pdf format by the British Council towards the end of 2011.

Prior to moving to Umeň I was based at London Metropolitan University for eleven years, where I coordinated the MA in Primary ELT, supervised PhD students and engaged in a range of research interests around globalisation, language teaching and young learner policy implementation. For more information on the ELLiE project see the team website at:www.ellieresearch.eu. My new post at Umeň will bring many opportunities to develop these interests further.

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