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Hans Mol


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Profile: Iíve been teaching and writing EFL/ESL/ESP/EAP for almost 25 years now. Iíve published materials for young learners, teenagers, young adults and adults, both general and business, tertiary, international language schools and teacher training.

My materials, in terms of CEFR, have catered for all levels from A1-C2; in terms of the Cambridge Exam suite for all exam levels. Materials have both been core course and supplementary, for local markets as well as international ones, folio and online and including all components of courses such as textbooks, workbooks, teachersí guides, CDroms, CDs, web sites, tests etc. Having co-written Link-up 2 (Klett) with Joanne, I developed tests with many a Latin-American secondary course book for Macmillan, worked on writing, editing and recording materials for EFís Efekta series (English First), and am in the process of completing a Tourism & Hospitality English course book (Garnet). I frequently contribute to online resources such as Macmillan English Campus and Onestopenglish, and I am co-author of Real English (Bekadidact, now going into its third edition since 1984) and Early Start for young learners, Shift and Making A Start (NijghVersluys). I have worked as lead author, co-author, editor, project co-ordinator, and audio producer in Holland, Germany, Indonesia and Australia.