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G.Suvarna Lakshmi


Profile: I am a Doctorate degree holder from The English and Foreign Languages University (Central University), Hyderabad, India with 14 years of teaching experience.

I started my career teaching English to primary school students. Later, I taught at graduate and post graduate levels in different institutions. This gave me an opportunity to teach Technical English, Business English, Soft Skills, Phonetics, Applied Linguistics, English Literature and English for specific purposes. In addition, my teaching experience in Libya made me experience the contexts of learning English as EFL and ESL.

The research experience as a research-scholar and research guide provided me with a better insight to the language acquisition process and better teaching techniques. My enthusiasm to be a continuous learner has helped me keep my students in the classes active with some innovative techniques of learning English.

My prime interest in ELT is Critical Thinking skills for English Language learners. In fact, my research is on the same. I developed a model to teach critical thinking skills to second language learners.

I would be glad to interact with anyone else who is interested in critical thinking skills for ESL/EFL learners.